Hello! Please visit this page if you are a new user. It will tell you how to create a page for your travel. Edit

Username's Trip To Country/Place (please use this as your title) Edit


Over here, just write a quick summary of your trip! Don't add too much detail, just write if you had fun, what you did, etc. Make it kind of short.

Fun Fact(s) Edit

Add one or more fun fact about the place you are writing about.

The TripEdit

Here's the important part! Write where you went there, some must-go destinations there if it's a country, or some awesome attractions for a smaller space. You don't have to write too much, but unlike the summary, there is no limit to this section. You can make it short, long, whatever you want! Just have fun!

Gallery Edit

You don't have to put a gallery, but I recommend it. Please, I would say, don't include pictures that have you or your family members (or, preferably, no person either) in them. If you don't have any photos you want to put, but want to add a place you went to from searching it, that's fine too.